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Do You Need Planning Permission For a Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns have become a defining feature of modern homes, offering not just aesthetic appeal but also superior thermal efficiency, weather resilience, and structural strength. Given their increasing popularity, many homeowners wonder: Do you need planning permission to install a roof lantern?

In most cases, the installation of a roof lantern doesn’t require planning permission, provided it adheres to specific permitted development rules:

  1. Size and Position: The roof lantern shouldn’t protrude more than 150mm above the existing roof’s sloping plane. Additionally, its height shouldn’t surpass the highest part of the roof. When positioned on side elevation roof slopes, obscure glazing should be utilized.
  2. Openings: If there are roof openings, they must be at least 1.7m above the floor level.

However, certain areas might have additional regulations. Conservation areas, covering vast city centers and various villages, might require planning permission due to specific restrictions in place. Similarly, designated areas like national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), and listed buildings could remove permitted development rights to safeguard areas of architectural or historical significance.

It’s prudent to engage with a local expert from Omega or your town’s planning authority for precise guidance tailored to your area. Connecting with professionals ensures that your home improvement plans align with the regulations and possibilities in your specific locality.

Lounge Roof Lanterns | do you need planning permission for a roof lantern

Checking Planning Permission With Your Local Authority

To streamline this process, you can use a local planning authority finder to identify and connect with your local council.

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